National Coordinators

What is a National Coordinator?

Some places are just so big that they need someone who is devoted to thinking about "National" concerns. While princes devote their time to local events, National Coordinators are primarily concerned with National Events. They are also unpaid V:EKN volunteers who work hard to promote the game and are a resource to the princes in their geographic area. Like princes, the National Coordinators have no special authority over the players (nor over other princes). A National Coordinator is not and cannot be a Prince.


Duties of a National Coordinator

  1. A National Coordinator is responsible for organizing national tournaments and qualifiers (and Continental Championships, especially if they are in their country). A National Coordinator may delegate these tasks to Princes, with the consent of the Princes in his/her nation.
  2. A National Coordinator may be asked by the VEKN to help direct prize support to large events in their country.
  3. A National Coordinator will be a member of an advisory committee to the VEKN, consisting of all National Coordinators. Matters that have been previously discussed in this committee include a revision of the rating system and rules for large tournaments.
  4. A National Coordinator will be asked to help the VEKN with language translations of advertisements, rulebooks, etc.
  5. A National Coordinator will have a Prince prefix in case they ever need to give new players a VEKN number.
  6. A National Coordinator will coordinate a national VTES website.
  7. A National Coordinator will have the power of Princes for running events and entering results, for the purposes of organizing qualifiers, national championships, and continental championships.
  8. A National Coordinator will help the VEKN with the appointment of new Princes, particularly with providing the VEKN with information about the prospective Prince and his/her play group. The final authority for the appointment of Princes remains with the VEKN.
  9. A National Coordinator will act as an arbiter for inter-playgroup issues in their nation.
  10. For countries where this is manageable:
    1. The National Coordinator will inform himself about the distributors' policy on carrying support and promotional items, and try to negotiate a workable system to have these items available to the Princes.
    2. The National Coordinator will track the status of VTES product availability in their country and keep the Princes in their nation informed on the subject.
  11. On supporting your retailers:
    1. The National Coordinator will give advice to new princes on how to make VTES attractive to their retailers (play at public locations, organize tourneys/demos regularly, encourage your players to show up at the store and show support etc.).
    2. The National Coordinator will keep an updated list of Princes and their retailers. Make it available to your distributors. This way, your distributors are aware of the stores that carry/support VTES, and also are able to forward support product with the Prince's name on it.

How to become a National Coordinator

In some countries with many players and many active princes, a National Coordinator may be needed. In such a case, a poll should be conducted among the princes in that country to elect their National Coordinator. The results of this poll must be reported to ?????????.

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