National Coordinator of Germany
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Miscellaneous Information:

Year of birth: 1979
Occupation: Student, co-owner of
Other games played: currently WH40k RPG, Settlers of Catan, Bang!
Number of cards owned: a lot
Number of decks ready to play: about 20
Play in: Mannheim and Heidelberg area

Q1: How (and when) did you begin your career as a VTES-player? Who introduced you to the game? Where did you play originally?
A1: My friend Fabian Sosna introduced me in 1996 and I am still playing in Mannheim.

Q2: Which of the Sets and Expansions to VTES is your favorite, and why is it your top choice?
A2: I like Bloodlines the most. It offers new combinations and new techniques. Besides, I like to play "underdog" clans.

Q3: What is your favorite deck to play, and why?
A3: My favorite deck is (and will always be?) playing a Setites Temptation deck. I modified less then 5 cards since I first build it around the year 2000 and it still works fine. Won a Qualifier with it in one of the most unusual and funny games I played so far.

Q4: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
A4: A new set to keep the game alive.

Q5: What do you do to help promote the game / why are you in this list of people?

A5: I am selling VTES cards through Besides I organised with one of my best friends and co-owner Johannes Walch a lot of tournaments since 10 years including a European Championship.

Q6: What is your favorite deck style for casual play / tournament play?
A6: Unfortunately I am not playing competitive anymore, but I still try to build competivite decks nonetheless.

Q7: Is there a difference between your casual play and tournament play?
A7: No, there is no difference.