National Coordinator of the Netherlands
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Miscellaneous Information:

Year of birth: 1982
Occupation: System Administrator
Other games played: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Warhammer (Fantasy and 40k)
Number of cards owned: Uhm, 20-30k?
Number of decks ready to play: Currently 2. Normally, around 15
Play in: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Q1: How (and when) did you begin your career as a VTES-player? Who introduced you to the game? Where did you play originally?
Began play in the local gamestore The Joker around 1997 Met Tim Eijpe, Jeroen van Oort other players there who taught me the game.


Q2: Which of the Sets and Expansions to VTES is your favorite, and why is it your top choice?
A2: Hmm, tough choice but I guess I go with Legacy of Blood. I like the feeling of the Laibon clans.


Q3: What is your favorite deck to play, and why?
A3: I don't really have a favorite deck. At the moment I enjoy playing Euro Trash.


Q4: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
A4: Another Bloodline expansion to make the other clans viable to play in a single crypt as well.


Q5: What do you do to help promote the game?
A5: I used to be Prince of Utrecht. In that position I held tournaments on regular basis including a yearly ECQ. I held contact with other princes, started the vtesholland forum and put up posters to promote the demo days organized by my Primogen. Now I am the NC of The Netherlands. Trying to get the princes in line, organizing meetings, setting up a tournament structure and bringing princes into contact with each other and venues able to host tournaments. I am also handing out information about the status of the game and how they can prepare/contribute for it.


Q6: What is your favorite deck style for casual play / tournament play?
A6: I like something that can survive. Wall suits me I guess although I do tend to be a bit impatient, which kinda contradicts the wall decks. I also like very aggresive decks. Do or die so to speak.


Q7: Is there a difference between your casual play and tournament play?
A7: There is no difference between casual play decks and tournament decks but the playing style is different. Casual play is a more social event where friends meet, discuss all kind of stuff irrelevant to vampire and consume (large amounts of) beer during play. On a tournament level I try to be more focussed. Discuss deals more and care more about wether I win or lose.
We are currently organizing something called "Inspire Greatness". It is a way to play vampire outside tournaments but with focus on improving in a tournament invironment. The games are more focussed, discussions might heat up a bit and after the game people give advice on how to improve the deck, how to handle certain situations etc. It is just a way to play the game on a more serious level.