National Coordinator for Russia
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Miscellaneous Information:

Nickname: elotar
Year of birth:
Occupation: Marketer
Other games played: VTM, D&D, MTG, Poker, Boardgames, Warhammer, video games, LARP's ... eer all of them?
Number of cards owned: Got no idea.
Number of decks ready to play: !Malks, Malks94, Lutz, LawF, Nana, EuroB, GiovanniAllies, GiovanniPB, RavnosWoN, GangrelBarons, CELGun, !Brujah, Tzimisce wall, !Tremere, NakhotepCorruption, AssamitesBB = 16
Play in: Moscow, Russia, boardgame clubs mostly, sometimes at pubs.
Other interests: Trying to survive in this crasy country.
Most interesting incident that happened to you at a VTES event: By now I'm mostly exited by wild interpretations of the rules by local players.

Q1: How (and when) did you begin your career as a VTES-player? Who introduced you to the game? Where did you play originally?
A1: One evening in 2009 we were drinking, and next morning I was informed by an internet-shop manager, that we had ordered several starters of some strange game.

Q2: Which of the Sets and Expansions to VTES is your favorite, and why is it your top choice?
A2: Original Jyhad, I think, because all great ideas were there. Keepers of Tradition, because all ideas were implemented right and some new were added.

Q3: What is your favorite deck to play, and why?
A3: Err. Can't choose.

Q4: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
A4: I still think that card availability is the main problem of the game right now. Villeins for all new players!

Q5: What do you do to help promote the game?
A5: My main goal by now is to unite various Russian playgroups and organize our first national championship.

Q6: What is your favorite deck style for casual play / tournament play?
A6: I prefer combat Even adding Alastor/AK-47 onto Lutz for some punch.

Q7: Is there a difference between your casual play and tournament play?
A7: No